Factory equipment installation, lifting, relocation, decommissioning – prices

Providing the exact price for a factory removal and relocation service is much more complicated than in other business as the range of factory and plant moving can vary considerably. For example, the prices can change according to the following factors:

As a result, all of the costs are calculated according to the individual arrangements between our specialists and the client.

IMPORTANT! We must perform an on-site estimation to specify the relocation costs, but also an on-site expertise performed by our special team.

As a result, please use the online quotation which you can find on the left of our website and then specify the range of works you are interested in. On the basis of your quotation our specialists will contact you as soon as possible with the price information for you. The information will include the final price for the complete factory or plant relocation as well as the full pricing listing of all the sub-services to be included in the relocaton process.