Factory relocation subcontractors – industrial business moving co-operation

Our company is among those which are able to offer not only factory relocation services, but also to work as reliable and professional factory relocation subcontractors.

We are happy to inform that we are willing to take part in the co-operation process which is mainly aimed at supporting smaller companies which do not provide, for instance, international forwarding services.

Do you need extra men or someone to take care of the international transport of factories or industrial businesses?



We have the knowledge, resources and we are eager to help you!

We are a company which use an extensive range of devices, tools and above all – the skills of our experienced and trustworthy specialists and engineers.

We can be hired as sub-contractors by another company in case some of the following services is needed:

  • the need for extra workers specialised in dismantling, decommissioning, lifting, packing, or installation of industrial machinery
  • the need for the international or overload haulage
  • and all other sort of support – we are open to offers!

Our company are able to offer complete and professional help and support in the above mentioned issues. Our specialised and experienced team of engineers can manage all dismantling and installation projects for a given factory.

We are also available as far as project preparation and management are concerned. We possess an excellent record of all factory relocation projects, all of which have been accomplished with flying colours thanks to our specialists to hire.

Our subcontractor service is organised in such a way in order not to interfere with the works you perform, unless, of course, the services are mutually interrelated. The whole industrial business moving process is always coordinated by our experienced engineers and managers.

Our fleet of lorries makes it possible to provide even oversize haulages both throughout a given country or to another continent

We are eager to offer you our help and support as experienced and professional subcontractors and co-operators

We can guarantee you that our factory relocation subcontractors will provide a valuable and substantial contribution and co-operation