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Complete production line relocation service

Production dismantling, transport & commissioning

production_line_relocationWe are specialists in professional, quick and reliable production line relocation. We have been doing the complete factory relocations and plant relocations across countries and continents and, therefore, we are able to undertake each project regardless of its complexity and time-consumption.

We can offer you all the services which you would like and need – we can arrange our own group of dismantling, disassembly, installation, testing and welding specialists, we can also offer our trustworthy and fast transport vehicles including lorries of all sizes and capable of providing abnormal load haulage.


Full range of services for production line projects

Planning, decommissioning, packing, transport, etc.


Production line installation and the general machinery transport which we offer are all very thoroughly planned and performed. Our transportation service uses comprehensive and reliable logistic support as well as the pilot car services. Before we get to the process of production line relocation we first prepare all the necessary documentation, drafts, drawings, projects and plans and inspect them in detail so that no problem emerges during the whole relocation process.

Services we offer:

  • planning works
  • dismantling, disassembly and decommissioning
  • machinery packing
  • machinery forwarding from the starting point to the destination point
  • digital levelling of a production line
  • installation, testing and commissioning

For the whole disassembly process we use our highly advanced and professional lifting service comprising of both small forklifts, hydraulic lifts and large canes appropriate for carrying machinery and equipment of great weight and dimensions.

The whole process of decommissioning is carried out by our highly qualified experts. Our machinery transport is quick, safe and cheap – we reduce all the unnecessary costs of transport by making use of multi-modal options whenever available. We are also interested in purchasing used and unwanted production lines.

In order to estimate the cost and the time-span that the whole production line relocation project can require it is necessary for you to fill in and send to us the enquiry form where you will specify all the details of your relocation projects.

After that, our experts will get in touch with you and visit your place in order to provide a cost-free expertise of all the necessary steps which will have to be taken to properly and most efficiently accomplish the project.

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