Factory relocation checklist

Factory / Plant / Business relocation project planning schedule

Preparation of a detailed, extensive and comprehensive factory relocation checklist is the key element according to which you will then be able to relocate your entire factory, power plant or other large business from one place to another.

Factory relocation checklist which you can find below will undoubtedly help you to manage the whole process of relocation. You can also adapt it according to your own needs and requirements.

Relocation project preparation:

  • make sure that all the necessary drawings, layouts and schemes are prepared according to the individual needs of yor factory/plant/business moving. Also, a high resolution photographs showing each machinery, entire industrial systems and the surroundings of the entire factory should be provided to ease the preparation and planning of the entire removal and transport of the factory.
  • make sure that you hire a company whose engineers, designers and other specialists will have the possibility of managing all the machinery from the very beginning so that they get used to all the electrical and mechanical systems of your factory. This will save a lot of time in further stages of the relocation. See also ‘Evolution of the relocation projects/schedules‘ section for more info.

Making a list of all the equipment / equipment testing:

  •  Be sure to prepare the list of all the industrial equipment which is used by the factory for the manufacturing processes. The factory items that are to be relocated include: oversize elements such as furnaces, production lines, industrial chimneys, presses of various types, as well as all the smaller electric, piping and mechanical systems. Make sure that no element is skipped and appears on the relocation list.
  • provide a detailed and extensive review of all the equipment located in the factory/power plant. It is necessary to document the exact condition of each piece of machinery before the relocation of the factory. All the following technical information should be included in the equipment review list: all the dimensions (diameter, lenght, width, height, etc.), records of maintenance, maintenance manuals, model, type and the technical details.

Evolution of the relocation projects/schedules:

  • make sure to hire an appropriate contractor who will perform all the detailed planninng works on the basis of the initial relocation project preparation. If possible, search for the company which provide the comprehensive set of specialists including electrical engineers, plumbers, designers, plumbers, welders, crane/forklift operators, etc. This will save a lot of time and money for you.
  • be sure to provide to the contractor a list of instructions concerning the relocation of al the equipment in the factory. The list should be detailed and should include all the necessary information about a particular piece of machinery (see the preceding point).

The installation process:

  • make sure that the relocated machinery and all the equipment is suitable for the installation process. After each piece of equipment is connected the contractor company is responsible for performing the initial testing of all the connections and check if the machinery is working properly.

Final testing/commissioning:

  • the range of testing services as well as involvement of the contractor company in the commissioning process should be specified at the very beginning of the project preparation. Also, all the requirements for the final testing and commissioning should be listed in the documentation containing the information on the installation process.