Industrial installation specialists

We always hire professional industrial installation specialists in order to properly accomplish all the required works. The complexity of the relocation project as a whole is enormous due to lots of various smaller sub-works to be properly done.


Professional team of industrial installation specialists
Full range of services: welding, plumbing, lifting, etc.



Our company realise that industrial installation specialists is the most desired and basic aspect searched for the proper site installation. Therefore we support our own works carried on by our team of experts with additional and experienced sub-contractors who deal with all-inclusive industrial installation works including heavy industrial machinery installation, electrical & mechanical installations, welding, plumbing, lifting and various others such as piping.

The sub-contractors who we hire are all well-established on the international relocation market and dealing with complex installations of both electrical systems and mechanical devices/systems. The specialists whose services we make use of are fully prepared for the most challenging and difficult installation operations in both plants and factories.


We use only newest & up-to-date devices
Unbeatable prices – SEE MORE


All safety measures are respected and we additionally impose our own regulations toward securing the whole process of relocation and factory equipment installation. Together we provide excellent quality and efficiency within the fields of both pneumatic machines, mechanical engineering and installations. We cover all technical works and offer attractive and unbeatable prices for our Clients.

Our company have been founded in the UK and deliver their services mainly to continental Europe (mainly Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany and France), and Asia (mostly Middle East), but also to North & South America, Australia and South Africa. We are ready to take up every project. Contact us for more information. Our worldwide net of advisors and sub-contractors provides complex and comprehensive service.