Plant relocation & factory relocation

Plant relocation factory relocation

Our relocation company is well equipped to offer various industrial factory relocation services. We deal with removals and relocations of single equipment items, but we also  perform complex and challenging, full scale removals of factories and plants

What we offer:

We possess a team of highly qualified experts in factory equipment liftingequipment packing, dismantling, factory machinery decommissioning, rigging, installation and others.

We make use of various means of loading and packing your heavy machinery onto our vehicles. We have vehicles with cranes providing an excellent moving craning solution especially in places where the space is reduced. They are adapted to lifts of about 1 to 35 tonnes.


Turn-key operations for all factory relocation projects
Full factory / plant relocations on global scale


Services you may be interested in:

Our advantages:

By using only the newest and most up-to-date devices, mechanisms, applications and machinery for our services we guarantee the highest level of efficiency, professionalism, safety measures, attractive prices and complexity of the actions performed.


Our company possess valid liability insurance
£5 milion insurance for all your factory equipment


We provide our services concerning factory and plant relocation and industrial equipment removal worldwide, with a special attention to Middle East, whole Asia, South Africa, Australia, North America and South America.