Factory relocation project management services

Factory relocation project management servicesOur company offers professional services and support for all types of industrial relocation projects thanks to our factory relocation project management capabilities.

We allocate managers to all sizes of project and sub-projects at any scale of factory and plant removal and relocation. We have a vast amount of experience in relocating and moving various industrial facilities from many industrial sectors.


Major services within relocation project management:

  • providing and completing the Healthy & Safe documentation,
  • CAD drawings and technical drawings services,
  • listing of the whole factory and plant industrial equipment and heavy machinery items,

Relying on the experience and capabilities of our industrial project managers ensures that the whole process of factory relocation will be carried out smoothly, efficiently, quickly and safely.We can offer you:

  • allocation of transport resources fitted to the particular relocation project,
  • selection and allocation of workers, specialists and devices needed for performing a given relocation service such as machinery installation, machinery levelling, equipment testing, heavy machinery packing, machinery lifting, storage solutions, etc.,

Fully professional relocation project management services

CAD design, programming, engineering & integration

Each of our Project Managers (PM) is qualified to provide services within a given sub-project. All our PMs are experienced specialists who work on both design, programming, engineering, and integration. They are fully-skilled and responsible for managing all types of industrial relocation and removal projects across many different industry sectors. We can offer you relocation project preparation.

Together with our project management services we also provide experienced and knowledgeable specialists who perform the work of welding, industrial machinery installation, electrical and mechanical equipment service, machinery and equipment testing, packing and preparing the heavy machinery trucking from the start point to the destination point. We move whole factories and plant on a global scale – from and to any place in the world.

Our project management for industrial removal and relocation includes all necessary health and safety measures on a global scale and to the specifications and standards required by international legislation and directives.