Industrial machinery & equipment packing service

For the convenience of our clients we have provided complex and extensive supply and service that deals with various industrial machinery & equipment packing materials and options for different industrial systems and production lines that are found in factories and plants. We offer both external and internal industrial machinery & equipment packing materials for all sorts of equipment.

Factory machinery packingWe have an extensive array of available metal and wooden crates, cases and containers of various sizes and dimensions. Since each facility has equipment elements and items adapted for a particular needs, we have a special offer that gives you the chance of choosing our containers fitted to your needs.

Our machinery packing services include:

  • Bespoke wooden crates & cases
  • Wooden bases
  • Bespoke packing for export or storage
  • Shrink wraps
  • On-site packing service
  • Container blocking
  • Trade show crates
  • Vibration isolation bases for delicate equipment
  • Container loading and stowing
  • Labels & stamps

Our company provides crating options available for both factory and plant equipment, heavy machinery, electrical and mechanical systems, assembly lines, etc. All our wooden crates and cases are subject to strict international requirements for sanitary purposes (ISPM 15).


All the crates are made of debarked wood
& subsequently fumigated


Together with the packing service we are also prepared for the factory heavy equipment storage needs. Our specialists to hire will ensure that during the storage of your factory equipment and machinery both are well-protected from humidity and other potentially harmful conditions.

We are able to perform testing of both systems and machinery located in the storage compartment. Our machinery packing solutions turn very useful and safe when it comes to forwarding the load across large distances as well as across smaller ones.


We use blocking & bracing for the proper protection during load forwarding


For all industrial equipment we use high quality barrier bagging and vacuum packaging materials that will properly protect the load from moisture and dust.

We also use shrink wraps for large and small industrial items

The great thing about shrink wraps is that they undergo shrinking when subjected to heat . As a result, they then fit tightly to all the spaces it covers and provides solid protection from various external factors. We are also specialists in the whole factory relocation and factory installation projects realisation on the global scale.

We only make use of the safest solutions for transportation and forwarding for factory and plant equipment. There are several container types available for the Customer’s order. You can choose from standard use containersopen-top containers and also refrigerated containers.

In order to get some more information with respect to your factory or plant relocation service that you want us to take car of, please contact us. We will arrange an appointment with our advisors who will estimate the measures that have to be taken under consideration when packing all your equipment, machinery and items. We also provide professional surveys of your place.