How to move your business overseas – to and from Europe / Asia / Africa / whole world

Do you want to relocate your industrial business and you do not know where to begin?

Our company can offer you a professional technical support of our specialists which will explain to you how to move your business overseas in a quick, professional and efficient way.

Our specialists perform all factory relocation works so that the whole factory relocation project is realised effortlessly and within all the guidelines and time deadlines accepted while preparing the relocation project. Relocating factories abroad is one of services we are extremely experienced in.

First thing to consider while relocating overseas factories is to find a company which will guide you through the whole process of relocation. With our factory relocation plan and factory relocation guide we can provide you with the service that will fulfil all your demands.

What do I have to do?



CALL US –  +44 203 129 3710


All you have to provide for us is to fill in and send us the enquiry form to us in which you will specify the range of works which you would like us to perform for you.

After receiving the form from you we will contact you and make for an on-site visitation. The visitation has two main purposes:

  • it is to provide an initial cost estimation for the whole moving process
  • our experts can provide an initial relocation plan and project preparation for further project management needs

I would like to move huge industrial elements. Can you transport also huge items?

Yes, we can. Our abnormal load haulage service offers comprehensive and professional transport of all types of oversize and huge industrial elements of every factory branch. We move complete production lines, furnaces, industrial chimneys and all other huge elements.

Our lorries have multiple axes which makes it possible to move extremely large items. We can also provide complete industrial factory equipment lifting and moving from containers onto vessels.