Electrical & mechanical systems installation

Who we are:

Our Clients may count on our help and services that deal with electrical & mechanical systems installation, but also machinery decommissioning, testing, loading and transport. Our relocation company are based in the UK and provide the team of our own specialists to hire who are experienced and possess a great deal of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. 


We have experienced engineers
Experts with theoretical & practical knowledge / skills


Our advantages:

Our engineers all possess long-term records in both electrics and mechanics. We always select our potential candidates from the group of most perspectives and prosperous people. Therefore, we are confident and aware of our own skills in dealing with electrical & mechanical systems installation.

We have a long-term experience in installation of various machine-related power controlling wiring, alarm emergency systems, production line and devices system wiring, assembly line robots wiring, computer systems including software and hardware installation and testing services, etc.. We are also responsible for all piping, ventilation, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and all related works.

Electrical & mechanical equipment installationFrom the very beginnings of our existence we have been characterised by a vivid activity on the heavy industrial machinery electric and mechanical systems installation. We provide full support and service including testing and preserving all electrical and mechanical systems that we have previously decommissioned and placed in a storage compartment. We also deal with complex and comprehensive works including levelling services.  

Why choose us:

We know that time is essential when dealing with such extraordinary and challenging operations as factory, plant, or general electrical & mechanical systems installation. Our electrical and mechanical installation specialists will accomplish each projects regardless of its complexity.

Our works include all the planning services done before or after the dismantling of all the factory systems has taken place. We use the newest CAD drawing and planning techniques what significantly improves the effectiveness, timing and accuracy of installing all the relevant wiring and systems.


Electrical & mechanical installation specialists
We undertake & accomplish each size projects


Where we move:

Throughout our whole career in the relocation special fields we have realised countless projects commissioned to us by our clients. All of them included various operations dealing with installations of electrical and mechanical systems, their machinery decommissioningindustrial equipment storagefactory equipment transport, unpacking and subsequent testing, etc. We are ready to take up any sort of installation projects in all parts of the world. We operate mainly in Europe and Asia (especially Middle East), but also in North and South America, Australia and South Africa. Contact us by our contact form to get more information about installation services that we have on our offer.