Factory and plant maintenance Fabrication and engineering welding

Our company does not only provide complex and comprehensive factory relocation services, but we also offer reliable and professional fabrication and welding services that will fulfill even the strictest health and safety requirements to satisfy our client’s needs.Welding

We offer you our highly qualified personnel and highly experienced engineers and specialists who can handle both punching, welding assembly, press brake bending and other valuable and precise work. We can also provide various different and special industry-related machinery and products such as platforms, chimneys, silos and lots of others equipment.

To meet still increasing demands related to the factory relocation service we employ our qualified and highly professional team of welders and fabricators who can assemble anything you need. We offer onsite expertise to properly evaluate the methods that will have to be taken into consideration while undertaking the project. Our weld engineers are the best solution for you. Qualified in engineering welding of stainless steel plant, other factory and industrial components, heavy machinery, equipment, or structures, we can supply all you need. We are also specialists in all types of lifting operations, rigging works, or other comprehensive machinery packing and factory equipment decommissioning.

We perform full factory and plant relocations on a global scale

Throughout the many years of our experience in the factory relocation market we have successfully undertaken and completed various relocation, removal and installation projects related to factory, plant and other industrial facilities projects. Since our beginning we have been making extensive use of our on-site fabrication and welding services for the purpose of plant maintenance. Our fabricators and welders can produce lots of products, including:

  • stainless steel platforms
  • process equipment
  • pipework
  • assembly lines
  • conveying
  • and lots of other works

All of the above and also some not mentioned here are fabricated and then welded using our best quality stainless steel. After the fabrication and welding process, your products, equipment, or other industrial components are ready to be installed, commissioned and tested by our experts. We guarantee that our fabricated and welded products will fit perfectly in place. Consider our project management service in order to appropriately design the whole schedule and plan of your own project undertaking.

Our fabrication and welding services are also available for any bespoke needs and requirements and are often requested. Our specialists and engineers test all the equipment that we produce. We fabricate, for instance, seat rails, custom brackets and lots of other products.

We are also fully prepared for whole machinery installation process and projects, but we also perform abnormal load haulage if required. We are available on a global scale, we move whole factories from anywhere to anywhere it is required. We work within Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.