Industrial machinery international forwarding

Who we are:

We are an international factory relocation company that deals with all sorts of industrial machinery international forwarding solutions.

We have worked with lots of overseas companies and clients and, therefore, we are highly experienced and reliable as far as international forwarding solutions are concerned.


Quick & reliable factory equipment transport
Fully comprehensive logistic support


Through years of our presence on the industrial relocation markets in various countries and continents, we have gained the right experience level to offer you the best and most trustworthy logistic support for all clients.

Industrial machinery forwardingWhat we offer:

We have provide reliable and complex logistic service thanks to our worldwide connections with our agents and advisors.

We give you the chance to use our modern and extensive range of vehicles that are serviced and replaced on a regular basis. We offer both smaller and bigger transport vehicles according to the amount of machinery and other equipment you are going to transport from the starting point to the destination point.

We also provide factory removals of the best quality including factory machinery decommissioning, disconnection and  highly advanced and professional lifting service applicable to all factory equipment sorts.

Our advantages:

We make use of the dense net of cross-border routes including air, sea, road and rail options. We offer also multi-modal industrial machinery forwarding in order to speed up the transport of your plant machines and factory equipment and also to reduce its costs.

Our factory equipment transport provides excellent quality forwarding of all sorts of industrial facilities. We offer the best forwarding of industrial equipment that you can imagine. The whole shipping process of factory and plant machinery goes smoothly and effortlessly.


Experienced & highly skilled drivers
Professional support before / during / after transport


 factory movingWe are also experienced in complete as well as partial factory installation processes including testing, reconnection and electrical & mechanical systems installation, but also the installation of industrial piping systems, single silo installations, furnace installations, independent electrical systems installation, and lots of other services.

We are members of Heavy Haulage and Transport Association

Our company is a member of the Heavy Haulage and Transport Associations. In order to get more information about our shipping methods and routes that we use, please contact us via the on-line quotation form. We will answer your question(s) as soon as possible. Heave equipment transport of ours is cheap and fast. All heavy machinery trucking solutions as provided by our company guarantee that all your factory equipment will reach the destination site quickly and without any problems.

We are co-operating with the clients around the globe, including Europe, Asia (especially the Middle East), both Americas, South Africa and Australia. We have a dense set of warehouse and storage areas on all continents.