Factory machinery installation

Factory machinery installationBeing a professional and reliable relocation company we deal with extensive and comprehensive machinery installations for factories and plants.

We know that relocation services comprise of not only packing and sending equipment for the journey to the destination point. Our factory machinery installation is carried out by our professional team of specialists.

Team of expert installers of all appliances & facilities

Professional project management for all projects

After unloading all the industrial equipment in the destination place our engineers then place it all in the local storage area and  warehouses in order to prepare it for the subsequent installation process.

During the machinery & system installations process we monitor the right placement and levelling of all the machinery and devices according to schedules and plans we have created before the relocation. Our specialists use laser devices to provide the maximum level of accuracy with respect to the prior-to-move arrangement. Industrial equipment installation provided by our company offers an effortless and reliable service.


We take up even most challenging projects

We offer relocations across all continents


We provide the installing services for both smaller and bigger devices, machines, systems and other factory and general industrial appliances. We are eager to take up even the most challenging works such as assembly lines and production lines installment other manufacturing systems. We only use the newest and up-to-date devices and machines for the proper installation and in order to ensure the highest safety levels.

We deal with various relocation works that differentiate according to complexity levels and the range of works to be required for the accomplishment of the relocation process.

Services we offer:

  • equipment disassembly/assembly,
  • electrical & mechanical systems decommissioning,
  • testing,
  • installation of new/used equipment,
  • factory & plant relocations,
  • and many more,

Our company have worked in various different countries and on all continents, with a special attention to Europe and Middle East markets. We have dealt with various installation schemes, plans, relocations, planning and managing works.

We have co-operated with many European, North American South American, Australian, Asian and African Clients. Therefore, we are experienced and ready to take up all orders.

Make an appointment with one of our advisors in order to properly assess the range of works to be applied to your installation process.