Factory relocation plan – preparing the complete factory removal

Do you need a plan for your business relocation?

Our company offer comprehensive and reliable factory relocation plan estimation, preparation and management.

The size of your factory does not matter – we can prepare plans for the most complex industrial facilities

We can provide you with a trustworthy factory relocation plan preparation and management. In our team there are lots of experienced and highly-skilled specialists to hire, designers, engineers and managers who can create the project which will be suited directly for your needs.

Do you need to move the whole power plant equipment?

Or do you only need to relocate a single, but huge industrial item?

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Our factory relocation plans take into consideration all possible variables for a given removal / relocation project and are, therefore, prepared in such a way to include further services or change their range or order.

Our factory plans always include the following:

  • all the list of factory equipment and machines to be transferred

  • cost estimation of the individual relocation project

  • estimation of the time within which a given relocation project is to be accomplished (the plan includes the deadlines)

  • the specification of the transport mode to be provided

  • full specification of all the relocation works such as machinery dismantling, machinery loading, storage service, etc.,

Our plans and projects are prepared after the visitation of your place. Immediately after we get a filled in enquiry form from you we see it through thoroughly and then contact you in order to provide a free on-site cost estimation, accomplishment period estimation and other important issues.

Are you looking for a company that offer comprehensive and full factory relocations?

We can offer you our experience and knowledge. Our team of specialists have realised countless industrial relocation projects always sticking to the previously created factory relocation plans.

We use the newest CAD drawing service to provide the most detailed projects, schemes, schedules and plans of the whole factory and industrial facilities you possess.

You cannot have a plan without specifying all the issues necessary to take care before the industrial moving

Check out our factory relocation guide where we show the most important things to focus on

Do you need a full relocation service for your factory?

Here are the main works we can offer you:

  • complete factory dismantling
  • factory machinery decommissioning
  • equipment lifting & loading onto vehicles and vessels
  • heavy equipment haulages
  • multimodal transport option
  • free estimation of prices
  • machinery installation
  • transport of all industrial machinery (incl. silos, production lines, solar farms, wind farms, industrial chimneys, CNC machines, huge boilers, etc.)
  • bankruptcy business relocation
  • machinery testing
  • machinery storage
  • equipment packing
  • and lots of others

Are you interested in entrusting us with your factory relocation project?

Please, fill in and send us the online enquiry form. On the basis of the range of services specified there we will be able to prepare the right measures to provide you with the factory relocation plan which will suit you best and will guarantee to you a quick, effortless and efficient relocation service.