Factory relocation guide – what you should focus on when moving your industrial business

Since you have come to our website we assume that you need a comprehensive, simple and helpful factory relocation guide – a guide that will lead you through the whole process of your industrial business relocation.

Below we list all the main issues and aspects which you need to keep in mind when preparing the relocation for your company.

Choose the right factory moving company

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Aspects to consider when looking for a moving company:

  • PROFESSIONALISM: look for a well-established relocation company with a clear specification of services and (if possible), references from companies whose relocation projects they accomplished,
  • YOUR NEEDS: always choose a moving company according to your needs. Consider the size of your industrial facility and choose the company with enough engineers and specialists to remove and relocate your business quickly and efficiently,
  • COMPLETE RELOCATION SERVICE: look for a company that provides the whole project planning, project management (it saves the time and professionally guided, and – what is most important – whether a given moving company relocates factories abroad (not all of them provide that option!),
  • PRICE: if you have extremely expensive industrial machinery do not necessarily look for highly-priced movers (there is a lot of attractively-priced companies which provide extremely professional relocation services)

Other issues to consider when moving a factory abroad:

  • MACHINERY SPECIALISTS INCLUDED: always look for a relocation service which possesses its own engineers, specialists and managers who will provide complete factory and machinery dismantling and decommissioning (hiring separate teams for loading, dismantling, or loading will cost you a lot more money!),
  • INTERNATIONAL RULES: it is extremely important for you to choose a company which are experienced in providing international relocations and know standards and documentation that have to be met while relocating the complete factory,
  • TRANSPORT MODE: always try to calculate the best transport option to your destination place (some companies provide only road transport, or sea forwarding – a multi-modal option can significantly reduce the costs!)


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Relocation of huge factory machinery elements:

Our business offers oversize haulages for such items as silos, industrial chimneys, complete wind farms, or solar farms, etc. For all relocation projects we provide complete logistic support and the whole documentation preparation.

Our specialists are also experienced in a professional project management service. We can also provide a factory relocation guide after we visit your site. Then it is also possible to establish the factory relocation prices in detail.

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