Factory emergency preparedness and relocations UK / Europe / Global

Complete and professional factory emergency relocation

Our company deal with factory emergency relocation services for all sorts of industrial facilities.

We have in our ranks the best specialists, designers, project managers and engineers to hire who can decommission and relocate a whole factory of equipment from a dangerous area to some safe location.

We employ our most experienced and professional team of experts who have provided their help in crucial and hazardous situations in the past.

The industrial facilities for which we offer our emergensy relocation services:

  • nuclear power plants
  • power stations
  • thermal power stations
  • geothermal power plants
  • biomass-fuelled power plants
  • solar thermal electric plants
  • cooling towers
  • entire solar farms
  • entire wind farms
  • petrochemical plants
  • all sorts of factories

Why to choose us:

We help to relocate each industrial facility. Factory emergency preparedness is something we we have been dealing for a long time since the beginning of our presence.

Our emergency relocation group are specialised in providing all the necessary requirements which will secure the whole factory emergency relocation project:

  • all the machinery decommissioning
  • quick and careful machinery packing and loading
  • disconnection of all electrical systems
  • securing the oversize elements of the factory eqipment (furnaces, wind turbines, industrial chimneys, reactors, etc.
  • professional welding service
  • machinery testing
  • and many more…

Our prices for factory emergency relocation and emergency plan preparedness are very competitive.

What else can we offer?

Besides our emergency relocation of industrial facilities we can offer you comprehensive and reliable machinery testing, heavy equipment installation and lots of other related services offered by our experienced team of engineers and logistics managers.

We have been based in the UK with the idea of providing full factory relocation on an international scale. Therefore, we move from anywhere to everywhere in the world. We also offer abnormal load haulage solutions for the biggest relocation projects.

All our work is secured and prepared by our professional team of specialists and the project management team.

Where do we relocate?

We move factories, plant and other industrial facilities within Europe, Asia (with the special attention to Middle East), South and North America, Africa and Australia. We can undertake any project, regardless of its size and complexity.