Industrial machinery relocation

Industrial machinery relocation

We perform our machinery relocations for factories and plants. We provide only the best turn-key devices, applications and operations in order to ensure the efficiency and reliability to our industrial machines moving services.

Working with heavy stuff we use the safest, the strongest and the most effective devices like movable cranes that will properly relocate your equipment from one place to another.


Full logistic support & planning management

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There are several other services that are available on our offer as we know that relocation consists of various additional, but equally important operations that have to be provided in order for a full industrial machinery relocation to be accomplished smoothly and without any obstacles.

We have a great deal of experience that reaches far beyond the UK and Europe an so we are prepared for a complex and bespoke planning and management of the whole equipment relocation and moving process.

Our international agents monitor the current road, air, rail and sea routes in order to provide a professional technical and logistic support that may be required. The specification list of all our services connected to the general works of machinery relocation are:



  • European Conformity testing,
  • planning and managing of the plans for machinery moving,
  • any sort of equipment modification,
  • complex and all-inclusive survey,
  • commissioning and decommissioning,
  • professional packing services and subsequent forwarding,
  • installation of the relocated machinery and electrical / mechanical systems,
  • electrical & mechanical equipment support including testing,


We realise that time is one of the most important issues that our Clients always look for and this is why we are so attractive on the industrial relocation market for factories and plants. We do all the commissioned works on time.

You can contact with us and come to an appointment with one of our operatives at your place to properly assess the time-span, price-list and other issues that are important. We deal with an international relocation and removal of factory & plant machinery. Our working area covers all continents. We are especially active in the Middle East and Europe area.