Factory equipment lifting & jacking solutions

Machinery lifting & jacking solutionsWe offer our clients safe and complex machinery lifting and jacking solutions using only the newest, regularly serviced and up-to-date lifting devices and appliances that are all perfectly designed to fit all the dimensions of your factory equipment.

We make an extensive use of both skate and jack elements that will appropriately position your machinery in a stable fashion throughout the whole machinery lifting process. Our factory equipment lifting is safe and reliable.




Lifting of weights from 750 to 850 tonnes!


We prefer working on both jacks and skates so that there is no need of craning service. Also, jacks are more efficient and have a quicker operating systems that will speed up the lifting process. We also realise industrial factory relocation services and factory installation. Our highly advanced and professional lifting service makes it possible to dismantle and relocate all the factory equipment in an extremely short time.

For mechanical elements and equipment that is too heavy we use our cranes that are mounted on vehicles. They are able to lift equipment from about 1 to 35 tonnes, but we also provide hydraulic lifts and cranes for large items which are capable of lifting elements up to 750 – 850 tonnes. This makes our factory equipment lifting wirks extremely professional and trustworthy.

You can also count on us when you need complex and comprehensive heavy equipment installation, rigging works, decommissioning, and other services such as, for instance industrial equipment storage.


Heavy equipment lifting is thoroughly planned
full supervision by our engineers


All machinery lifting procedure comprises of various sub-procedures that are listed below:

  • estimation of the lifting method to be used
  • site visitation
  • complying the lifting plan
  • equipment assessment
  • quotation service

We have proved a valuable and reliable partner for many Clients worldwide and therefore we have also provided alternative methods for lifting in case you would have to make use of still more advanced devices and solutions for a proper heavy machinery lifting and transportation of your factory and plant equipment.

There is a possibility of using our hydraulic jacks whenever there is a need to perform more complicated works that could not be achieved by means of standard devices or cranes because of the lack of space. All of the above services are performed by our highly qualified experts whose services we offer.

We provide our lifting and relocation of plants and factories on the international scale to both Americas, Australia, South Africa, Europe and Asia (especially the Middle East). In order to get a full specification of prices, works and assessing methods that we use prior to lifting operations, please contact us. We are also willing to provide the technical support for all the inquiries to be cleared out.