Factory machinery decommissioning

Heavy machinery decommissioning & dismantlingBeing established in the UK our industrial and office relocation company offers our Clients all-inclusive services and works dealing with factory machinery decommissioning and heavy machinery decommissioning.


We take up even the most challenging projects of dismantling & decommissioning

We provide specialised working groups which are highly experienced and know a great deal about issues related to dismantling and decommissioning of industrial electrical and mechanical systems.

For the time of site decommissioning of your factory or a plant we follow all the strictest rules and regulations, which makes our offer safe, reliable and attractive for our Clients.

Power plant / factory decommissioning services we offer:

  • power supply isolation for the sake of protection, subsequent disconnecting and removal
  • decommissioning planning, scheduling and management of the whole system shut off procedure
  • recycling service
  • post-dismantling management of the place
  • environment restoration
  • demolishing of all the left empty spaces
  • packing service for all the disconnected or decommissioned devices, systems and wiring

Our company provide asset disposal if necessary

Our company provides additional asset disposal. We are prepared for the takeover of your old factory location for the clearance purposes. We prepare the hazardous materials for their subsequent disposal. All the excess materials, equipment and systems are also subjected to so-called scrappage (disposal).

We all take care that our works be performed on time, efficiently and without any internal or external problems. The use of the engineers that we hire is one of crucial issues that make us one of the most reliable and professional moving companies in the whole UK.

Smooth & easy way to dismantle the entire factory in short time

The major routes we take for our services are continental Europe, Asia (including mainly Middle East), Australia, North and South America and South Africa. We have a dense net of international advisors and logistic branches located on different continents. Contact us in order to get more info of what we do and what the prices for a particular operation can be.