Industrial equipment storage

With our help you can have a professional support in industrial equipment storage solutions through our use of international network of warehouses and partners. We realise that the process of relocation of all the relevant factory equipment is not as easy.

We offer protection & storage for all types of industrial devices and items

We fit directly into your need because we give you the best solutions for keeping all your factory and plant stuff safe. For the purpose of our international machinery storage solutions we equipped all our storage areas and warehouses with mobile cranes, but also with overhead cranes.

Fully professional various-sized forklifts

We care about everything that is related to storing your valuable machinery and electronical / mechanical systems. Our international equipment storage is also accompanied by our great quality logistic service.

We provide air-conditioning and heating systems that make the conditions for storing the equipment form factories and plants more safe. Since there are strict safety measurements applicable in various parts of the world, we decided to imply additional fire alarms and intruder-protection alarms and devices that additionally strengthen the way in which your goods are kept in our warehouses.

There is a  possibility of visiting your applications stored in our warehouse by specialists who will properly assess the condition of both machinery, applications and the warehouses themselves.

we perform checks of electrical and mechanical systems that are kept in a storage compartment

Our company operates within the markets located on all continents, being especially active on the Middle East and European markets and areas. Contact us for a professional survey of your facility for a proper estimation of the costs and dimensions that are needed in order to properly arrange and organise your equipment in our warehouses. Our factory heavy equipment storage service is cheap and efficient.