Factory moving to Mexico / Asia / Europe / World

Relocation to Mexico

Our company offer professional and reliable way for plant or  factory moving to Mexico and from Mexico to any other country or region in the world – Europe, Asia, Southern America, Australia, Africa.

We use the best factory relocation specialists to provide the most efficient, quickest and safest way of relocating your power plant wherever you woul like.

We relocate complete factories across continents offering a multimodal transportation for all factory equipment.

Factory moving to Mexico is not only about moving out – we also transfer factories within Mexico and its major cities.


We use most modern ways of providing such relocation services as complete factory dismantling, or a professional machinery installation.

Our use of the abnormal load haulages makes it possible for all sorts of industrial facilities to be transferred quickly and safely regardless of the size of silos, furnaces, industrial chimneys and other big elements.


Our prices are calculated individually for each project. It is necessary for us to come at your place to perform a full, on-site visitation and cost estimation. Only then can we provide a specific price for your relocation project.


Mexico offers one of the most dynamically developing markets not only in that part of the world , but also globally. One of the major advantages coming from a factory moving to Mexico is an extremely reduced cost of labour as well as the experienced and knowledgeable labour itself.

Factory moving to MexicoMexico is the largest producer of cars in the whole North America surpassing not only Canada, but also the USA.

There is also a major disproportion between rich and poor states and, as a result, there is a considerable amount of a cheap labor willing to work for much reduced costs.

Mexico has a lot of trade connections not only with the neighbouring USA, but also with China which makes it an important player on the world business market. Also, dou to its geographical location it plays an important role in linking the North America’s and South America’s trade routes.