Factory dismantling, decommissioning & removal service

We offer complete factory dismantling of the whole plants, factories, but also of a particular equipment that has to be relocated from one place to another one.

The extensive use of our experienced specialists trained for both proper managing and caring of all complicated machinery and electrical/mechanical decommissioningdismantling, removals and other site clearance works.

We realise that the whole decommissioning and relocation process consumes the valuable time of your plant or factory and, therefore, we ensure that all our projects are undertaken in an efficient and time-saving manner which will impact the  every day works in your factory in a least interrupting way.

Factory and machinery decommissioning & relocationWe offer a great deal of complete factory dismantling solutions from simple electrical system decommissioning to the whole factory dismantling and industrial equipment decommissioning and subsequent removal. All the equipment that have been decommissioned is professionally protected from the environment harmful conditions and placed in one of our storage compartments / facilities to prepare it for a subsequent industrial machinery international forwarding.

You can also see our other services such as machinery installationmachinery storage, or rigging works.

We offer various complete factory dismantling solutions, or site clearance solutions. We are professionals and hence, we provide also a full expertise at your place, multi-step dismantling of large industrial equipment elements, but also we can clear the whole site from the unused material and process it to appropriate disposal sites.