Cement silo relocation Europe / Middle East / Eurasia / whole world

In case you would need to transport your cement silo we can help you by offering reliable and high quality cement silo relocation across countries and continents as well. We have established our company with the aim to give our clients the most professional and project-flexible relocation services including dismantling and full decommissioning, heavy machinery packing and heavy machinery storage, relocation of all sorts of production machinery, installation with a professional levelling support and other important services such as heavy equipment lifting.

Our company are ready to undertake each project of cement silo relocation and also of all other types of silos. We are also experts in providing great quality and quick full factory relocations on a global scale. Europe and Middle East are our most often visited regions (mostly we head Eastern Europe and all of the post Soviet Union countries). We are also active in other regions such as Eurasia, Africa, Australia and all others in the world.

We use the skills of our experienced and knowledgeable specialists who are capable of performing all relocation-related works including the ones of  fabrication and welding, machinery levelling, machinery testing, heavy machinery lifting, installation and commissioning works. We are able to transport all-dimensions cement silos, sugar silos and all other types of silos as well as all production equipment and factory heavy machinery. In our history we have accomplished  numerous factory relocation projects between countries and also between continents. The cement silo relocation service which we offer includes moving both smaller and bigger as well as oversize cement silos – the size do not matter for us!

As professionals we always take care of issues such as all engineering works, project management, or every other included in the relocation project. Our skilled specialists are responsible for the whole initial project preparation. Our company perform expertises and estimations of the complete relocation in terms of costs, time and required services. We have the best and most advanced vehicles for lifting heavy equipment comprising of professional hydraulic cranes and lifts. Cement silo movers such as we always take care to offer the most advanced transport service including trucks of multiple axes which can  transport even oversize loads.

Before we relocate of the complete cement silo can take place we first perform the planning process and check if it has been prepared in a proper manner. Then, our experts perform the complete decommissioning process including the works such as lifting works, pre-relocation testing, heavy machinery packing, or machinery storage. Our transport is one of the most reliable and quick ones you can get. After we arrive at the destination place we provide the full commissioning and on-site testing of the cement silo.

Our company’s aim is to reduce the downtime of a power plant, factory, production equipment, or silo in a most radical way. You will additionally benefit from our transport services as we provide project-included logistic service of the best quality. Please, contact us by filling in the enquiry form and specifying the range of works to be provided by our company. Our team of experts will then visit your place and perform all the necessary on-site estimation of time, cost and range of services to be applied.