Wind turbine transport from UK to China UK / China / Europe / Asia / global

Our firm can provide reliable and trustworthy wind turbine transport from UK to China. We have realised many bigger and smaller windmill turbine blade transport and relocation projects in virtually all parts of the world. We are specialists in relocating all kinds of plants and factories within all European countries (including the main ones such as UK, Germany, Spain, France, Russia and the whole Eastern Europe), Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.), but there is also a possibility of delivering whole plants and factories to Australia or both Americas. Lots of factories, wind turbines and other industrial farms are nowadays relocated to other parts of the world where the natural or economic conditions turn more beneficial.

Our company offer complete and reliable with dismantling, decommissioning, forwarding and the complete testing, installation and commissioning process of windmill turbine blades. We provide the help of our own specialised experts in lots of professions such as fabrication, dismantling, welding, digital levelling, installation and testing of heavy devices and industrial machinery. As professionals who care for the safety and quality of our works and services we also pay the attention to an adequate project management.

Windmill turbine blade transport can head in virtually all directions – we have been in Europe, Asia, Middle East and other continents as well. The use of our extensive range of available  vehicles makes it possible to transport both smaller and bigger loads – we have successfully completed dozens of various abnormal load haulage projects. If you also need a worthwhile and heavy equipment lifting – we are fully prepared to meet all the demands which you can have. Our array of available hydraulic cranes and lifts makes it possible to carry smaller and bigger machinery and devices. Wind turbine transport from UK to China is precisely the offer that can guarantee you both efficient, time-saving and extremely rewarding service.

As a professional and firmly-based company we can also recommend our unrivalled in terms of quality, money and time plant and factory relocations. Deciding to co-operate with us you get the access to the best quality specialists and experts in both decommissioning, project management, installation, levelling, fabrication, welding and testing. With our help all the industrial systems, machinery and devices are all properly managed, tested and prepared for the installation process.

Please contact us in order to specify the time-span, the cost and the necessary works to be provided in order to accomplish the whole relocation project of yours. In order to do that, please fill in and send us the enquiry form on the basis of which we will be able to make an appointment with you and provide a cost-free expertise both cost-wise and time-wise.