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We are specialists in realising complete and complex wind turbine transport UK to Brazil. We have been relocating and transporting all sorts of industrial facilities of plants and factories for a long time and all of them had been accomplished quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner. We are able to transfer a single windmill on small distances and we can also transport the whole wind farm across the borders and continents. We are capable of decommissioning, transporting and installing all power plants and factories within all regions of the world (including the main ones such as Europe and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia). However,  we can also offer our service to all other regions such as South America, Africa or Australia. There are both economical and natural causes of the relocation process of wind farms across the countries and continents. Since Brazil spans over a much larger territory it is much more beneficial to transfer the UK wind turbines from Europe to South America where the costs of wind power are less than in the UK.

Trusting our company you get rewarded with a reliable, time and cost-reducing as well as extremely professional services such as decommissioning, transport, levelling and installation of windmills. The team of our experienced and highly motivated specialists are always with us to maintain the highest level of workability and efficiency. They can deal with all sorts of works including, for instance fabrication, welding, or testing. Professionalism is our priority in what we do and how we do – we, therefore, care for all the issues as the safety measures and a proper preparation of the documentation of the whole relocation project. Our experts prepare all sorts of projects, drafts, plans, schemes and schedules using the best and most modern techniques. Then  they take care of the whole project management process.

Windmill transport which we can realise is able to reach almost every country or region in the world – our company can take up every project irrespective of the complexity of it. Our team have worked in both Asia, Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. There are no distance boundaries. For the sake of our clients’ convenience we provide our reliable and wide array of lorries. They are able to transport smaller and bigger elements of factory and plant equipment ad we have often accomplished lots of different abnormal load haulage. We have also an excellent solution for those who need a professional factory equipment lifting. Thanks to our  range of multi-use hydraulic lifts and cranes of various sizes we can carry machinery and equipment of all sizes and weights. Wind turbine transport from UK to Brazil is a kind of service which you need if you look for an efficient, quick and reliable relocation service for your wind farm.

Our company strive to offer unrivalled in terms of quality and costs relocations of factories and quick industrial machinery & equipment packing. For those who need it – we also offer industrial machinery storage. Co-operation with our company means the access to the most professional, most client-friendly and rewarding service. Our windmill transport service is one of the most frequently realised ones by our firm.

It is necessary to contact us for the exact specification of the time-schedule, the exact cost and the range of works which will have to be provided so that the relocation project of yours can be fully completed. Please send us a filled in enquiry form and we will contact with you to specify the details of your relocation. Our experts will visit your place and provide a cost-free expertise to estimate all the costs and works which will have to be undertaken.