Wind power plant transport Great Britain / Germany / Sweden / Russia / Europe / global

We can offer you comprehensive and extremely professional wind power plant transport solutions. Our company have been present on the relocation market for quite a long time now and since then it have completed lots of wind turbine relocations across the globe. We are mostly concerned with Middle East and European relocation projects, but we also reach as far as Australia, Asia and North Africa.

Our company can offer both dismantling, installation and transport of the windmill blades and wind turbines. We use the knowledge and experience of our specialised experts in weling, installation, dismantling and levelling of all factory machinery and heavy equipment. We can provide also specialists who deal with project management and preparation.

We relocate wind turbines across the whole world due to our extensive use of various transport-related services. Our range of available trucks and huge lorries for transporting wind turbines is wide and adapted to heavy haulage needs. We are also specialists in providing the best and most reliable craning services for lifting all the heavy equipment machinery. We possess both smaller hydraulic lifts and big cranes for carrying huge loads. Our wind power plant transport gives you a 100% guarantee that all your wid farm windmills and wind turbines will reach the destination point within the time schedule specified in the project.

We can also recommend our professional complete factory removals and electrical & mechanical service. Machinery installation and machinery decommissioning as performed by our specialists is also one of the services we are extremely professional at.

We can offer also reliable pilot car service for all our heavy haulage needs. Contact us and fill in the enquiry form. By sending it to us we are able to contact you and provide the necessary expertises and cost evaluations which are individual for each project.