Transformer relocation services – installation / testing / dismantling Great Britain / Germany / Russia / Europe / Middle East / worldwide

Our company offer comprehensive transformer relocation services for different industrial facilities such as plants, oil rigs, factories and lots of others. We reach both all European countries (we are predominantly targeting Eastern Europe), Middle East, North Africa, but also other regions and continents. We can offer you both quick and efficient relocation of all your transformer to the new destination place. Our transformer installation service is cheap and reliable. The downtime process is kept at the minimal level.

Most typically the range of available works related to transport, dismantling, decommissioning and installation of transformers includes the following (we list only major works):

  • draining of the tank oil
  • using of our professional lifting services
  • complete digital levelling on the destination place
  • full transport (including huge load transport), and logistic support
  • destination place testing and commissioning

Our company provide also all other necessary services and works in needed. For instance, our specialised team of workers deal with all sorts of welding and fabrication. We make an extensive use of our lifting service. We possess both smaller forklifts, bigger hydraulic lifts and huge cranes adapted to pick up even the loads of abnormal weights.

Our skilled contractors also offer complete transformer transport with a logistic support which is always provided in the project of relocation. Our range of available transport vehicles makes it possible to offer normal-size and abnormal load haulage for industrial equipment of much bigger dimensions. It is also advisable to use our machinery packing and machinery decommissioning services as well as electrical and mechanical service.

Our specialists always take care and check if the integrity static windings is adequate. Our company is a great solution for those who wish to transfer all their industrial facilities from one place to another in a quick, safe and reliable fashion. In order to make an appointment with one of our experts please fill in and send to us the enquiry form where you will be asked to specify all the necessary works which you would like to be performed. One of our experts will then contact you and provide a free, on-site expertise in terms of costs and the preparation of time schedules and projects for the whole relocation process. Transformer relocation services are one of the most often taken up projects which we perform.