Paper plant relocation Europe / Middle East / Africa / Asia / whole world

We can offer our clients comprehensible and reliable paper plant relocations across the whole world – we reach all regions, countries and continents. It is our main aim to provide only the best available relocation services including full disassembly, decommission, or installation works. We also take an extreme care of all the security requirements and we constantly monitor the status of our fleet of vehicles tor transportation purposes. We realise the relocation projects of factories, power plants and other industrial facilities across the world – in both Americas, Asia, Australia, but we are especially tied to Eastern Europe and Middle East – the regions where most of the projects come from.

We are able to transport all sorts of paper mill as far as the size is concerned. For each project we prepare an individual plans, drafts, schedules on the basis of which our experts then take care of the whole relocation project management. Throughout the years of our existence we have moved lots of different paper mills from and to many countries (e.g. from Spain to France, UK to Russia, Iraq to China, etc.). We make use of the highly qualified experts who are able to perform both welding of all methods, fabrication, full decommissioning, lifting of the paper mill machinery, industrial equipment installation and testing of heavy paper plants and lots of other works necessary for the proper accomplishment of the relocation project.

We possess a highly professional and extensive range of available transport vehicles and trucks. Some of them are equipped with multiple axes and, therefore, are able to provide oversize transport of factory equipment.

All the heavy machinery from a paper plant is thoroughly packed and loaded onto our trucks by means of our precise and professional lifting specialists working with hydraulic lifts and cranes. Therefore we are able to lift up the loads of even 1000 tons of weight. We always seek any possibility to reduce the cost of the transport of the whole paper mills and paper mill machinery by turning to multi-modal transport options whenever possible. Furthermore, our company support their transport by providing relocation project-included logistic service.

Please, contact us by filling in the enquiry form and specifying the range of works to be provided by our company. Our team of experts will then visit your place and perform all the necessary on-site estimation of time, cost and range of services to be applied.