Paper machinery relocation Europe / Asia / Middle East / whole world

Whenever you would feel the need to use the service of the paper machinery relocation we are ready to help you. Our company have been established with one aim – to offer most comprehensive, large and professional relocation services including also full decommissioning, dismantling, packing and storage services, transportation, levelling and installation, or testing and lifting works.

We are ready to take up any project of paper machine relocation or any other heavy machinery and full factory relocation across countries and continents. We are primarily active in the whole Europe (mostly we head Eastern Europe), and Middle East, but we can also provide our relocation services to Asia, Australia, Africa and all other parts of the world.

Our company make use of experience and knowledge of our specialists to hire who can perform every task which is related to the relocation process (all sorts of welding and fabrication works, equipment lifting, etc.). We can move all-size paper machinery or any other production equipment. We have realised countless relocations of different types of paper machines across countries and also across continents. Paper machinery relocation service of ours can include the transfer of smaller and oversize paper machines – the dimensions do not matter!

You can rest assured – we will take care of all the project management and engineering works to be done. We make use of our team of skilled specialists who are also responsible for the whole initial project preparation. All engineers are able to perform all expertises and cost estimations of the complete relocation of your paper machine. We possess the newest and the most advanced devices and vehicles for heavy equipment lifting – hydraulic lifts and cranes. We are heavy machinery movers who use their reliable and most advanced fleet of trucks (some of them are prepared to undertake the abnormal load haulage – they can have multiple axes).

Before the relocation of the whole paper machinery can take place we first make sure that all the planning process has been properly prepared and adapted to include the specific issues which characterise each project individually. Then, our team of experts come into play and perform the whole heavy machinery decommissioning process including dismantling, pre-relocation testing, lifting works, machinery packing and loading on the vehicles. We make use of multi-modal transport whenever possible in order to maximally reduce the cost of the transport. After the whole relocation process we unpack, level, commission, install and test your paper machinery on-site.

We always strive to maximally reduce the downtime of a particular factory, power plant or production equipment. to ensure that everything is performed in accordance with the relocation project we support our international transport with high quality logistic service. This means cost-effective works providing efficient and rewarding benefits.

Please, contact us by filling in the enquiry form and specifying the range of works to be provided by our company. Our team of experts will then visit your place and perform all the necessary on-site estimation of time, cost and range of services to be applied.