Mining equipment transport UK / Germany / Poland / Russia / Europe / whole world

We are experts who can perform full mining equipment transport everywhere in the world. We have been relocating and forwarding power plants plants and factories, cement plants, silos, solar farms, or wind farms and lots of other industrial facilities. All our works are performed in a professional and reliable way using only the best and the most modern methods and the experienced and knowledgeable specialists, assembly, testing, or levelling all sorts of heavy machinery.

Our company is able to decommission, pack and transport the whole mining equipment across the borders and across the continents. We can reach any place in the world. The regions where most of our projects are realised are Eastern Europe, Middle East and West Asia, bit we are also active in Australia, Northern Africa, and the remaining regions and continents.

Our transport of mining facilities is always planned to the most detailed elements. Our fleet of available multi-axis lorries is able to realise also abnormal load haulage. Transportation of heavy cargoes is our main service and, therefore, we can guarantee that all your mining equipment will be transferred to the destination place appropriately packed using our specialised machinery packing service. Our team of experienced specialists are able to perform even the most difficult tasks.

Before transporting the whole mining equipment we first decommission and dismantle all the loads that can be dangerous to be transferred in one piece. We use our experts in factory equipment lifting who operate our professional fleet of lifts and cranes which are able to lift up the machines of even 1000 tons.

We can transport all sorts of mining machines including drilling machines, mining construction equipment, conveyour belts and lots of other specialistic devices and heavy machinery used in mining industry. We also provide a complete and professional project mangement.

In order to provide the exact and individually-suited cost estimation it is best to send us a filled in enquiry form and make an appointment with one of our specialists who will visit your place and inspect everything. He will then prepare an initial plan of all the works to be included in the mining equipment transport and relocation. Heavy equipment transportation is not an easy task and, therefore, we are striving to secure it with our reliable and professional logistic support. We can also offer you pilot car services to further minimise the risk of any emergency situations which our abnormal load haulage could bring about.