Large printing press moving UK / Russia / Germany / China / India / whole world

Our professional and well-established company can offer you reliable and time-saving large printing press moving service from and to every place in the world. Our firm realise only the best quality relocation services such as transport, heavy machinery lifting, testing of factory and power plant equipment and lots of others. Our team are present mainly within the area of Europe (more specifically Eastern Europe), Middle East, Northern Africa, but we also realise projects from North and South America, Asia and South & Central Africa if it is big enough.

We offer printing press relocation service regardless of the size of the printing equipment – our vehicles are adapted to handle also an abnormal load haulage. Each project is treated individually as there are no two identical factories, power plants and other industrial facilities. We use our fleet of professional and well-equipped vehicles to transfer large printing presses from, for instance, Sweden to Germany, or Ukraine. We can also arrange larger transports if we are to relocate the whole printing equipment across continents. Our specialists to hire are experienced in installation, commissioning, dismantling, welding, or fabrication and are able to perform these tasks effortlessly, efficiently and saving a considerable amount of time thanks to our project management support.

Our transport service consists of trucks equipped with the latest and most accurate navigation systems and some of them possess multiple axes. Press moving service comprises also of works such as initial relocation project planning, on-site estimation of the costs, compiling reports and preparing drafts, drawings, etc. in order to properly manage the whole relocation procedure and exclude the risk of any unwanted and unexpected accidents. We use our highly-professional lifting devices and hydraulic machinery including lifts and large cranes for lifting up even extremely large cargoes of 1000 tons.

Our company always bear in mind the relocation costs which have to be covered and, as a result, we provide our multi-modal transportation option whenever it is possible. Please, contact us by filling in the enquiry form and specifying the range of works to be provided by our company. Our team of experts will then visit your place and perform all the necessary on-site estimation of time, cost and range of services to be applied.