Grain silo relocation Germany / Great Britain / Russia / Spain / Europe / Asia / world

Our company provides the best service aimed at grain silo relocation and also any kind of silo, furnace, assembly line, industrial chimney or any other large factory equipment loads. We can offer you our extremely valuable experience in both dismantling, packing, lifting, storaging, installation, levelling, testing and commissioning works. All of these are performed by our specialised team of workers experienced in all sorts of works listed above. They are also great as far as welding is concerned. Our silo installation contractors are one of the best you can possibly get. We realise most of our projects within the regions of Europe (most often Eastern Europe), Middle East, but we also reach Australia, Northern Arica and all other regions and continents.

We dismantle and lift all the parts of the silo and then we load it onto our trucks. All of thisi is thanks to our professional set of lifting vehicles and devices. Our array of transport vehicles has the newest and the most up-to-date navigation systems. We are also offerring extremely valuable and project-included logistic services which assure you that all your equipment will reach the destination place as soon as possible and within the time schedule as specified in the project of the relocation.

We offer also our professional abnormal load haulage service for all sorts of huge equipment parts and machinery. We also use the most safe and reliable methods of machinery packing so that nothing wrong happens during the transportation. Our silo disassembling service is fully prepared from the very beginning. For this purpose we prepare the project of all the works to be realised within the hole relocation process.

In order to consult the details of your own relocation project, please fill in the enquiry form and send it to us. Our specialists will provide an on-site cost estimation. They will also offer a complete and professional initial relocation project preparation and further management.