Gas turbine transport – installation / dismantling Great Britain / Sweden / Kazakhstan / Europe / Asia / world

Our company is able to offer gas turbine transport on the global scale. We are able to offer the relocation of even the biggest gas turbines from Germany to Sweden, from Great Britain to Qatar, or from Kazakhstan to China. We are active in both Europe (mainly Eastern Europe), Middle East, South America, or North Africa, but we are available globally if the project is considerably large.

Dealing with such challenging and complex projects can be a masterstroke. Therefore our company always ensure that all the works are performed appropriately and within the guidelines of the project management as specified by our specialists. We can transfer all sorts of gas turbines for factory and plant purposes. Our company provide the service of our specialised experts who perform all sorts of works such as decommissioning, packing, lifting, installation, commissioning and testing. They are also specialists in all kinds of welding techniques.

Our multi-modal possibilities of transport as well as the logistic support included in the project make the whole relocation process quick, much cheaper and much more professional. After reaching the destination place we perform the whole process of unloading, unpacking and the installation of the gas turbines. For this purpose our specialists first level the whole machine digitally and then install it. They are also providing the commissioning and testing service to meet the highest standards of safety regulations. Our gas turbine transport is an easy, quick and professional way to relocate the whole gas turbine.

We also recommend our professional and extensive in use heavy equipment lifting which offers lifting by small forklifts, bigger hydraulic cranes and large cranes for lifting abnormal loads. Our transport comprises of the full range of regularly serviced lorries adapted to the needs of abnormal load haulages. They are also supported by pilot car services.

We are ready to take up every project of factory relocation, plant relocation or any other industrial dismantling and transport to a new place. There are no projects we could not accomplish – we are professionals and we know our strengths.

Our team of project management specialists will ensure that every work within the project is thoroughly and appropriately performed by our installation and dismantling specialists.

In order to arrange a meeting with our specialist please fill in the enquiry form and specify the range of works which will have to be done. This step is necessary if you would like to get a free and individual cost of the whole relocation project. The cost and the range of works is estimated on the basis of an on-site expertise performed by our specialists.