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Relocation to Portugal

Our company strive to provide comfortable and reliable factory relocation to Portugal and from Portugal to every country in the world.

We move full factories to and from Portugal using our professional transport and experts to hire. You can count on us whenever you need to transfer the whole plant or the whole industrial equipment from one place to another, often across great distances.

It is also possible for us to move factories within Portugal – throughout smaller and bigger cities and towns.


As a professional and well-established relocation company we provide the whole set of available services which will provide quick, effortless and truly professional relocation.

We deal with complete factory dismantling, entire industrial equipment installation and commissioning. There is also possible to use our experienced and professional specialists and engineers to dismantle, pack and load all heavy machines on our lorries.

Our transport includes also a multimodal option of transport – a great option whenever you need to transfer your factory across huge distances. Each relocation project is supplemented with a professional logistic support.

We are also able to transport huge industrial elements such as entire solar power plants or wind blades of windmills.


Consult our prices section in order to find out more about the cost estimation procedure of a relocation project.


Moving your factory or power plant to Portugal gives you the chance to employ the skilled and experienced labour. Due to the relatively high unemployment there is no major problem of finding a right person to fit in your business.

A lot of Portugal companies decide to invest in natural-based energy systems such as windmills and solar farms so as to reduce the costs of the upkeep.

Portugal is perceived as one of the leading countries in industrial competitiveness. This is mainly due to lots of different industries as running the country’s economy. Some of the most important ones are oil refineries, ship industry, and machinery and furniture industry sectors.