Full factory relocation service to & from UK – Australia – whole world

We are specialists who provide the most professional and reliable factory moving services from UK to Australia, but also from Australia to the UK and all other world regions including Middle East, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Europe.

We always do our best to realise the factory & plant moving project in its entirety and at the same time ensuring that all the works are performed within the most safety regulations. Our service is synonymous to the minimal downtime procedure and the highest level of quality. We are fully insured (£5 million) and we also provide comprehensive logistic support as a help for the whole shipping of the factory machinery from the starting point to the destination point.

Full factory moving from UK to Australia is just one of countless solutions that we can offer for all sorts of industrial relocation services, regardless of their complexity and the range of works to be performed. We are ready to undertake each project – we are able to offer you the huge haulage option.

We perform complete heavy machinery decommissioning, factory & plant dismantling, on-site expertises, project management services of the highest quality, electrical systems decommissioning, testing and installation, heavy machinery levelling, craning services, rigging and lots of other works.

You can rely on us when it comes to both industrial furnace dismantling, lifting and shipping, huge silos lifting and transport, assembly lines dismantling, storage, testing and installation, or any other factory relocation service such as, for instance, decommissioning, fork-lifts, levelling and re-connection of various mechanical or electrical systems.


Lots of our factory relocation works rely on our experienced sub-contractors who are especially helpful in all sorts of installations of both electronic and mechanical equipment, lifting works, fork-lift services, testing, machinery packing, or complete factory and plant installation business. We perform installations of various power systems or, for instance, integration of all factory electrical and mechanical systems.

Our  factory moving from UK to Australia is perfect for those who would like to fully relocate their industrial facilities from the UK to Australia, but we are specialising also with all other directions of factory and plant relocation business. We move to and from within Europe, Africa, both Americas, Asia and, especially – Middle East.