Factory moving from Germany to Turkey and the whole world

Factory relocation from Germany to Turkey

There are increasingly more companies which undergo factory moving from Germany to Turkey nowadays.

There are several different reasons which are responsible for the growth of industrial facilities, plants and factories moving from Germany to Turkey. One of them is a considerable investment of Turkish businesses in Germany. The mutual trade partnership between Germany and Turkey is therefore still increasing.

Second, the production costs are much lower in Turkey than in Germany. Lots of German companies such as for instance Mercedez-Benz relocate to Turkey to meet the still increasing demands for the automotive products not only in Turkey, but also for other regional markets near Turkey.

Turkey has also one of the most rapidly developing markets in Europe which attracts different investors from different countries and regions.

Factory moving from Germany to Turkey

Our services

Factory moving from Germany to Turkey service uses most modern and reliable solutions for all companies in Germany which are interested in moving to Turkey.

The range of services which we can offer you is the following (see also the Relocation tab in our main menu on top for more info and services):

  • complete industrial equipment dismantling
  • professional preparation of all sorts of plans ,schedules and the execution of all sorts of different factory project managemens, latest steps of decommisioning etc.
  • packing and loading onto containers
  • professional multimodal transportation to each place in the world
  • reliable and trustworthy factory machinery decommissioning  and commissioning service for all sorts of electrical systems and factory machinery
  • effective and efficient turnkey solutions
  • complete installation of the entire factory in a new place

Our professional specialists to hire give you the chance to save a lot of time and do not worry about all the additional works of preparing all the documentation for customs duty, etc.

How do we calculate prices?

Our company have to undertake certain actions in order to properly establish a price for a factory relocation, including also a factory moving from Germany to Turkey.

It is necessary to provide an on-site price estimation and visitation to evaluate the exact cost of each plant moving project separately. See our prices section for more info