International factory relocation UK – Brazil – whole world

We are movers specialists who relocate and move factories and plants on the global scale including UK to Brazil factory relocations, but also all other factory moving service between all continents and countries (Australia North & South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa).

We realise international factory moving projects fully and reliably. All the works that we do are  performed and accomplished within the most strict European and international safety regulations.  Our specialists to hire always strive to minimise the downtime procedure that factories, plants and all other industrial facilities have to undergo when being relocated. They are also helpful in lifting, decommissioning, installation, or any other works related to factory machinery removal and relocation. We are fully insured (£5 million)for all heavy machinery and equipment. There is a professional and fully developed logistic support which offers help during the whole shipping process of factory and plant machinery.

Our UK to Brazil factory relocations services constitute only one of countless possible directions for our industrial facilities relocation services which we perform. We can offer full factory removal and relocation for all industrial facilities, regardless of their complexity. We are specialists in the field of both factory equipment lifting for removal and installation purposes, decommissioning and storage solutions for heavy equipment.

We dismantle, test, storage, commission, heavy machinery decommissioning, install and move all sorts of industrial equipment and machinery including both industrial furnaces, huge silos, industrial windmills, oil rigs, assembly lines, industrial piping systems, or any other factory equipment or machinery.

Our company provides UK to Brazil factory relocations for those who would like to relocate the part or the whole of their industrial facilities from Europe to South America, but we are specialising also with all other directions of factory and plant relocation business. We move to and from within Europe, Africa, both Americas, Asia and, especially – Middle East.