Alloy wheels factory equipment relocation from Ostrava to Germany

The project of equipment relocation from Ostrava to Germany presented here has been prepared exclusively for the alloy wheels factory.

The project included the following:

  • machinery dismantling services,
  • complete machinery and equipment decommissioning,
  • machinery loading onto lorries,
  • loading machiners and equipment onto containers,
  • decommissioning of all electrical and mechanical systems,
  • professional transport from Ostrava in the Czech Republic to Germany,
  • professional logistic support,
  • comprehensive unloading and machinery levelling on the destination place,
  • complete commissioning of all the factory equipment and machinery on the destination place,

All the services have been realised and provided using the skills and experience of our engineers, designers, operators, drivers, managers and many other specialists.

You can see the photos taken during the relocation works below: