Business relocation services UK Europe world

We are professional specialists in business relocation services within the whole UK, Europe as well as the whole world over. Thanks to our extensive experience and practical knowledge we can undertake relocation projects of all sizes and to each place in the world.

All encompassing relocation of your business
Relocation within Europe / Asia / rest of the world

What we relocate:

  • complete power plants relocations,
  • entire production lines relocations,
  • solar panel farm moving,
  • wind power plant relocation,
  • oversize factory equipmnent,
  • entire factory equipment and machinery,
  • extra-size silos,
  • large furnaces,
  • industrial chimneys,
  • cement mills,
  • and many others,

Where we relocate it:

  • within the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland),
  • within all the EU countries,
  • within all remaining countries in Europe,
  • within Asia,
  • within North & South America,
  • within Australia,
  • within Africa,

How we relocate:

Our business relocation services are carefully prepared by our project managers and designers who compile thorough and detailed schedules of what to move and how to properly prepare the equipment for the transport.

  • we provide FREE on-site price estimation to properly assess the cost of the project and the range of services to be applied,
  • we prepare professional, all-encompassing relocation projects,
  • our designers prepare comprehensive schedules,
  • our team of engineers carefully decommission (deassemble) entire machinery and production lines, pipes, etc.,
  • our crane and forklift operator lift up all oversize elements of the factory,
  • we pack all the machines and equipment to prevent it from damages during the transport,
  • we load the factory machinery onto lorries and containers,
  • we provide professional logistic support for each business relocation project,
  • after delivering the machinery to the destination place we unload it, unpack it and prepare for levelling,
  • we provide full commissioning of all factory machinery and systems,
  • and many more,


Our company make use of the best equipment to properly realise the relocation project for all business types. We are fully insured and ready to take up even the most complex projects.